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Note: All testimonials are real, spontaneous, and unsolicited.  The only changes made were corrections to spelling or editing for length. In some cases, stock photos are used in place of a subscriber's actual photo at the subscriber's request. Please submit your feedback - good or bad - at this link. Include a photo if possible. Thank you!


"I have been a subscriber of IntelligentValue since its early days, and one of the main reasons for me to remain a loyal subscriber is that this newsletter has helped me become a much more educated/intelligent investor—we really get inside the economic cycle principles, technical analysis, value metrics, and even the psychological nature of investors.  It is not like other newsletters that simply send a “buy/sell” notice.

At Intelligent Value, I really get an understanding as to why we are buying or selling and what factors are affecting the markets; in other words, getting real value added with an amazing emphasis on transparency and accuracy."

David B., Mexico City, Mexico

"Way to go! I just want to drop a few compliments to you, I really appreciate your service. I have tried multiple newsletters, and I found out that there is a lot of garbage out there, along with very few honest ones. So far, I found yours to be the absolute best, and I don't plan too keep looking for more.

I am glad I have discovered your site somehow. Thanks, again! 

- Jan Jachymiak, IL

"Just wanted to drop an e-mail. I am glad I signed up for the IntelligentValue service, I am not a big money man, actually far from it.

As of today almost three months later, in a downtrending market I am up 36 percent in my portfolio! That doesn't include broker commission, but that is a heck of a return on one thousand dollars, especially when my grandfather told me he was happy with returns of 2 percent in the 40's. keep up the good work, I appreciate it."

- Lou S. Cape Cod, MA

After being a subscriber for 4 years, through a very difficult bear market: " My (taxable accounts) have faired much better than my (retirement account), because I manage them according to your advice. The combination of market timing and huge upside for your stock picks makes this an easy choice for me. I'm staying!"

- Jerry S., Collegeville, PA

As always, I appreciate your excellent analytical ability and erudition.  I always take your weekly market analysis and insights to heart and enjoy reading your take on things.  You rock!! so to speak and are a valuable asset to all who read your insights.

Sandra G., PhD, NC

"IntelligentValue may be the most honest newsletter available today. New since the fall of 2004 the tremendous portfolio returns of the first two years have diminished, as Chris is having some difficulty with the current market (who isn't), but he has not lost money and some portfolios have profited this year.

[The IntelligentValue] timing calls are right more often than wrong, even if a bit early or late... The weekly, Monday morning essays on current market conditions are thorough and easy to follow. The most telling evidence of his honesty is that he is not afraid to go to cash and stay there for awhile, even though he loses subscribers when he does so. He is very concerned with protecting those who follow him.

... IntelligentValue is my choice, and it's the only one I stick with."

- Andrew S. - posting on Forum


“I have been a subscriber of IntelligentValue for a long time (since March 2006). In the past I tried many newsletters, but IntelligentValue is outstanding. The quality of the picks, the attention to managing trades and the clear and deeper insights on market and economy in its whole, makes IntelligentValue the best newsletter in this business.

Congratulations for your hard work... and keep it going!”

Andrea C. -  Milan, Italy

"I am extremely pleased with IntelligentValue. I have examined other so-called "value investment newsletters" and there is no comparison, in terms of performance, credibility, and ease of use. With the kind of results Chris is showing and the ease of use of his system, credibility was my #1 issue.

As time passes, I become more and more convinced of Chris' credibility. In response to one of my suggestions, I was particularly impressed with his willingness and desire to "tweek" his portfolio reporting to make it better. Chris is very sincere in his desire to accurately report results and provide total transparency."

Ken C., CPA, Texas

“Your market timing system just rocks! I had tried and tested many timing systems over the last few years and was under impression that Vectorvest has the best timing system, but your market timing beats Vectorvest hands down!!

All the portfolios are easy to follow and tracked very accurately. This kind of integrity is hard to find in the finance world. Subscribers can easily replicate the performance.

I enjoy your weekly market analysis and the clear cut instructions on managing all portfolios. Thank you so much for making this service available to average investors.”

Supriya S. - Flower Mound, TX

"I have never contemplated giving up my subscription (in 7 years).  I have made money with your service and always valued your insights. I have learned from you about some of the most important aspects of the investing universe.

I have become a more confident and informed investor because of my subscription to your services and it is for these reasons I have stayed and will continue to subscribe.

The alerts that accompany portfolio changes are to-the-point and make it easy to understand what you are doing and why we should be doing it too. I applaud your future plans and wish you the best. I thank you for the service and appreciate it very much."

-  Gary P., Endicott, NY

"Today with a muddled market, my Net was over $450. Two-day total right at $1060. You are awesome! Been recommending you to those I know are serious. I know for sure one has signed on.  Have to believe all who try you out will see the light. Thanks for always answering my questions, for taking the time and effort for the personal responses, and especially for the "Almost Unfair Advantage". I'll keep doing what little I can to spread the word."

- Phil E., Maple Grove, MN

(Your service) has become a meaningful source of assistance to me as an "old" retired professional institutional bond salesman who spent his time in areas far removed from equity expertise. Your approach is very helpful to me as you instruct as well as advise. Keep up the good work...

Dick D. - Dallas, TX

"Your strategy totally vanquishes all doubts of any who question it.  Other gurus call  downturns; various talking heads throw chairs, blame the Fed and squawk about it.  Your newsletter explained the issues, challenged this bear head to head, and then knocked it squarely in the jaw with a two to one leverage knockout punch.  What's more, you have done it time after time! When you combine that performance with a market methodology that leaves all other market advisories in the dust, people must realize that we are blessed with a service that is utterly singular, and amazing.   No words are adequate to thank you, but you are the guest of honor at my banquet and I raise my glass to you."

- Warren Y., Suffern, New York, 
following big profits in the 2008/2009 downturn

"The gains I'm experiencing using your service have been outstanding! I'm trading your system by strictly following your instructions, and not trying to second guess anything. I use this system to trade 4 accounts: my discretionary account (taxable), My wife's, and my own IRA, and my mother's IRA.

This is the easiest and best system I have been involved with. I trade once per week, and I don't sweat whatever the market is doing in between. It's so simple, I think even a novice trader could follow this system and have as great a success as any veteran trader.

I've been investing for over 20 years, and to find a system that does better than 20% profit per year is EXTREMELY rare, but I have to tell you, this is one of the very few systems that actually delivers. Excellent!"

- Glenn E., Marlboro, NY


I wanted to express my appreciation for your service. In particular;
1) You don't fudge the numbers
2) You are not afraid to admit a mistake

I believe this standard of integrity will always serve you and your subscribers well, wherever the market goes.

Marc D., Tuscon, AZ

"Obviously, the results for me with these latest picks have been good and hopefully that will keep up! However even more impressive to me is the fact that a subscriber can actually GET the same results that you have posted which is refreshing! Yours is about the only service I've seen so far where there are no "grey" areas about when to get in/out and at what pricing."

Tim N, Sarasota, FL

"Some very good work and effort in helping subscribers to manage their portfolios, and in keeping us abreast of market trends. It sounds strange but I think you should have a quarterly bonus option so subscribers could reward you for good performance. Thank you for your efforts."

Greg F, Toronto, CA

Ken C. sent us this note following his analysis of his returns from IntelligentValue versus his previous subscription with FundX:

"Here's the results for 3 weeks in September: Me= +$60K, FundX= +$8K, S&P= -$15K. This means that I would have made $8,000 had I been in FundX and would have lost $15,000 had I been in the S&P 500 (applying their percentages to my beginning balance).

My analysis with [IntelligentValue] shows that not only did I make $60K in Sept, but I was $52K ahead of where I'd have been with FundX, (the newsletter) where I was before. My decision to go with IntelligentValue put $52K in my pocket for September!

- Ken C., CPA, Texas

"Great newsletter! The more you write, the more I realize what a caring person you are.  Some portfolio people are not up front and care only about commissions.  What you are displaying turns out to be good customer service as an after effect.  Someone once said "carry passion into your work, do the very best you can, be honest and truthful and your renumeration will be an after effect."

- William B., Waldorf, MD

"The best service I have used and one which I am currently a subscriber of is run by an HONEST man... Mr Christopher Michaels.
Fee is worth every penny. I AM MAKING MONEY with his Portfolios. (Each) only has 5-6 quality stocks, is adjusted weekly, and $10,000 placed into it at its inception on May 16, 2006 is currently worth as of 11/30/2007 $59,825.60. Nothing is left to chance, Mr Michaels does it all they say ....Check it out. I am not compensated in any way for this mention ..I am just a very happy subscriber."

- Gerald G ., Wayne, N.J. (In an unsolicited internet
posting on an investment blog)

I just want to take a quick moment to thank you for sharing your knowledge of the stock market with you mentioned in your newsletter, the inverse ETFs are bets rather than investments, however, with someone like you making "educated" bets we are in great hands! You surely saved many of us from big losses, and hopefully once this irrational greek and "machines" mess clears we can be ready for some great values (too bad I did not have a limit order for Apple at 200)....we sure are experiencing interesting times!

Best regards, and as always my full appreciation for your efforts.

David B. - Mexico City


"I know it must be frustrating for you with this up/down market, hard to get traction. We are blessed to be ahead, a lot of systems have lost quite a bit. Keep up the good teaching. I've tried a variety of systems like VectorVest, Telescan etc., none are as good."

- William B., Waldorf, MD

"I am a new subscriber (free trial) and I am very impressed with your newsletter.  I fully intend to stay with it after the free trial period.  Congratulations on a great newsletter! Thanks!"

- Rafael H., Sarasota, FL

"I joined your newsletter back in July and am totally pleased with it so far.  I still show about a 10% gain while the major indices have all gone south since then. Thank you for your insight and for creating an advisory service that is so easy to follow."

- Larry M., Burlingame, CA

"At the risk of being boring,   I again applaud your fortitude.  Despite no shorts and with your steadfast convictions,  once again we are on the road to doubling within another year.   Having started in July with thick in choosing (and now an then deviating from your directions), I have amassed a 14% gain since July - FANTASTIC !   I only wish I had committed over $10 million.   your selection systems are great and since I'm a day watcher and timer for 15 years, I am better qualified to deviate than most. No matter what I do, just be aware that you are appreciated and admired by all of us that have tried for years to succeed." 

- Roger M. Noblesville, IN

"I recently got started with you.  I followed your instructions and invested in all of your picks, but when I saw the gains on BMHC GI KNDL & VLO, I doubled up on them.  I also exited almost all of my old positions that I had from other advisors.  I like the idea of a smaller list of stocks.  My other site had 2, 3, or 4 almost every day. To much to follow.  I'm currently UP over 7% or $7000."

- A Happy Trader, Larry C., AZ

Note: All testimonials are real, spontaneous, and unsolicited.  The only changes made were
corrections to spelling or editing for length. Please submit your
feedback - good or bad - at this link. Thank you!