INTELLIGENTVALUE – OUR MISSION was founded with a mission to assist individuals in their effort to achieve consistently outstanding investment returns through the dedicated practice of the value approach to selecting stocks.


To accomplish this goal, we start with Classic Value Investing as taught by the ‘Grandfather of Value Investing,’ Benjamin Graham, which focuses on buying the stock of quality companies when their shares are selling at a significant ‘margin of safety’ below the true value of those shares.

In the world of private business M&A, there is rarely a reason that a company would sell for less than its intrinsic value, or in rare circumstances, at its breakup, firesale value. However, in the world of publicly traded companies, we are sometimes able to buy the stock of firms that are selling at a significant discount to their true value – at no fault of their own.  Frequently, the market simply dips because of worry over this or that issue.

We optimize the likelihood of outsized gains by purchasing ownership in publicly held corporations at those rare times when their stock is selling at a deep discount to their intrinsic value. The investment is then sold when those shares are selling equal to, or at a premium to, that inherent value.

MARKET TREND IDENTIFICATION TO AVOID DEEP DRAWDOWNS takes classic value investing one more step by using the power of computers to develop and track a proprietary composite indicator that helps us determine the turn points of market trends before their occurrence.

In this way we are able to reduce exposure during MARKET DOWN periods and then purchase a fresh, new set of undervalued positions when we receive a MARKET UP signal. The result is incredible returns – far greater than the returns we would be able to achieve without our ‘Intelligent Market Timing Model.’ Subscribers to get the clear signals from the timing system as well as multiple value-based portfolios to choose from. We even have ALTERNATIVE Portfolios that stay invested 95% of the time so that subscribers will always have an option for choosing the best undervalued stocks.


Since our launch in September 2004, has been a proven tool for sophisticated individual investors as well as part-timers and amateurs alike. The information, analysis, and value-investing tools provided are unparalleled by any other site or newsletter.

1) MODEL PORTFOLIOS: We provide three categories of model portfolios, including ‘Value-Plus,’ ‘Guru,’ and ‘Alternative.’ Each category has several selections from which to choose. These model portfolios are time-tested and we provide the back-test data and charts, factors and formulas used, closed-position returns, and detailed performance analysis so that you can understand the basis for each portfolio and choose the one(s) that best fit your objectives. Real-time performance as well as clear charts, detailed statistics, and clear listing of the returns of each position make these model portfolios incredibly useful.

2) INTELLIGENT MARKET TIMING MODEL (IMTM): This proven market-timing system has been in operation for almost 10 years now, carefully amended and refined along the way, assisting our subscribers in dramatically improving their investment returns by reducing losses and turbocharging portfolio gains.

For example, our most recent two market signals were a MARKET UP signal on NOVEMBER 18, 2012, and a MARKET DOWN signal on FEBRUARY 21, 2013. A look at the chart  of any major index (S&P 500, etc.) will show you that these two calls, as well as many before over the last 8 to 10 years were right on the money. By using an almost foolproof method of identifying market trends, we are able to optimize our returns by purchasing at definite lows and selling at definite highs. The result is incredibly increased returns. Over the course of a few years, returns can sometimes be doubled or better.

3) INTELLIGENTVALUE ALERTS:  We publish highly informative ‘Market Alert’ and ‘Value Alert’ newsletters whenever there is a significant change in the market – or new, value-based stocks that we want to financially analyze. These newsletters are not published on any established schedule, but are published when there is a real reason to alert you to an important event.

Put together, the features of IntelligentValue are unparalleled by any other investment tool available for the intelligent individual investor. If you’re not already a subscriber, please check out our Subscribe Page to see just how inexpensive it is to get all the tools and benefits of!